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As Principal of Montfort School- CBSE, since 2020. It is my great pleasure to be part of this Montfortian family. We the foster parents, have been given this wonderful sacred torch to light this spark of “Motivation” in our loving tiny tots. What anhonour , what a pleasure it is to be the chosen few to plan new worlds and actually do God’s blessed work, a blessing indeed. Faith moves mountains claims all sacred religious texts and with this enormous faith, our dear parents, you left your pearls with us to string their futures. So lovingly expressed by a parent"The reason why I put my son in MONTFORT SCHOOL was when I first walked into the school; all I could I strongly believe that God, the Almighty, has bestowed on life, hues of extraordinary dimensions sprinkling each child with his paint brush an astounding plethora of unimaginable potentialseeds”.These vibrant buds can sprout to infinite growth creating history adding immense spectacular dimensions to generations of mankind’s unbelievable achievements, a huge imprint on the canvas oflife. Our founder St. MONTFORT an astounding personification of "Motivational Leadership" has expounded vision of Montfort School as "Transforming Potentiality Into Reality".

"Education is the foundation for all we do in life, it shapes who we are and what we aspire to be. Creativity fuels innovation, and it's what we all should strive to instil in the next generation."

Jim Hunt

Creativity is the ability to think and conceive something original and unusual, new and novel. Innovation is the implementation of these new ideas that provide better solutions for our new requirements. Change is the law of life. Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. A good purpose stimulates innovation and encourages perseverance. In India today several socially conscious youth are contributing their mite to the society through enterprises that are taking up the onerous responsibility of dealing with the problems of the environment, preventing global warming, harnessing solar energy building efficient and low cost machines, managing wastes, finding substitutes for plastics, in order to make life better for each one of us. We need to encourage those that think differently and initiate things that will lead to progress.

The concept of excellence in education is the mantra in today's world. Goals in education give us direction, for it is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach one's full potential are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. It is our duty to awaken in the students the joy of creative expression and knowledge. Yet is that enough? Holistic development of a student is incomplete if moral values are neglected. Recent increase in the number of assault cases, and the increasing number of old age homes are pointing fingers towards the wrongs in society. Children must be taught to do right and fight for the right. Therefore inculcating and teaching of moral values is an indispensable part of an education system aiming at excellence. Students must be taught, by example, the importance of honesty, hard work, respect for others, co-operation and forgiveness.

Challenging oneself all the time can revolutionize one’s immense thought process and with the strong belief that God has best owed man with his own image. We nurture children with these glittering diamonds of wisdom that there are “no limits” and the only limits are what we decide and put a stop to our progress ourselves.

Dear Parents, the child is the biggest jewel in our possession, at this Most Important Growth Period of his life . It's Our Precious Child and This is the most Critical Development Phaeofourchild's Life. Please opt for Montfort School.

I thank the Almighty, our visionary Founder St. MONTFORT and my fantastic colleagues for the opportunity to do God’s work in shaping the country’s and the world’s future with ‘The new generation of budding leadership giants’.

God Bless Us All

Rev. Dr.Bro. A. Anthony Reddy.

Dr. Bro. A. Anthony Reddy, M.Sc;B.Ed;Ph.D.


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